So, like I said last week, I got a request for Mr. Mister’s unreleased Pull album, and through the good graces of Mr. Franz “Jefito doesn’t eat enough gross junk food” Hemingbeck, we’re golden.

Well. I guess “golden” depends on your point of view concerning well-made 1980s studio rock. As a Top 40 presence, Mr. Mister came and went in a heartbeat, but they were good enough at what they did that their music is still discussed reverently in certain circles today.

If you’re at all familiar with what the band did outside of “Kyrie” and “Broken Wings,” Pull won’t surprise you; it’s cut from the same moody, atmospheric cloth as a lot of their other stuff (albeit with better production). If you’ve never bothered to listen to anything but the hits, these twelve tracks might be a pleasant revelation.

Anyway, you know the drill: Download, enjoy, have a helluva weekend. I think next week’s Bootleg City will take a look at a certain unreleased album from a certain disco-lovin’ fraternal trio. See you then!

Ever Slowly
Waiting in My Dreams
Crazy Boy
Burning Bridges
Like Rain Falling
We Belong To No One
Wait a Lifetime
Close Your Eyes
Let the River
Way Oh

UPDATE: I stupidly forgot that Franz also gifted us with a pair of Mr. Mister performances from Saturday Night Live. I’m not sure of the year, but I’m guessing it was probably 1986. Enjoy!

Broken Wings (live)
Kyrie (live)

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