I feel like Heather Browne from I Am Fuel, You Are Friends today. Sure, I feel pretty and witty and bright (thank you for noticing!), but I’m talking about her undying devotion to Pearl Jam; the long-running Seattle band is lucky to have megafans like her. If you’re one of those megafans, then today’s visit to Bootleg City won’t yield any surprises, but if you’re just starting out, I’ll be more than happy to put some Pearl Jam in your ears.

Wait wait wait — that could be taken the wrong way. What I mean is that I have Pearl Jam’s concert from May 17, 2006, at Chicago’s United Center. It’s from their “official bootleg” series, so the sound quality is excellent, but if you want it to sound more like a typical bootleg, I suggest you put your computer under your car and run over it a few times to give the MP3s that “damaged” quality they currently lack.

Severed Hand
World Wide Suicide
Life Wasted
Marker in the Sand
Do the Evolution
1/2 Full
I Am Mine
Even Flow
Better Man
Save It for Later
Inside Job
Why Go

Well, that concludes this week’s trip to Bootleg City. As mayor I have the power to declare curfew, so get out before I throw you— oh, it looks like Pearl Jam’s going to do an encore. Fine, I can wait a few more minutes.

Wasted Reprise
Man of the Hour

Okay, they’re done. Now leave before I call in the riot— wait a second, they’re doing another encore? Curse you and your defiance of authority, Messrs. Vedder, Gossard, McCready, Ament, and Cameron!

Last Kiss
Last Exit
Glorified G
Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
Crown of Thorns
Rockin’ in the Free World
Yellow Ledbetter

Now are they done? But they didn’t even play “Daughter”!

Get the tear gas ready …

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