Talking Heads spent less time talking, more time singing and playing, so in that spirit I’m going to keep my introduction brief this week. Below you’ll find disc two of the Heads’ bootleg “MCMLXXXIII,” and next week, thanks to an anonymous donor, you’ll receive disc two of Patty Griffin’s “Love From My Lips.” Unlike President Obama or those namby-pamby FBI agents on the new season of 24, I kept the faith in strong-arm tactics, and it paid off! Though I didn’t use physical or psychological torture to make this donor give me the missing disc of “Love From My Lips,” I did say “pretty please” while suffocating myself with a plastic bag until he finally begged me to stop. So far I haven’t heard the Obama administration rule out self-torture in the name of national security. Just like the previous administration, I love a good loophole. God bless America.

Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, New York City, 8/19/83
Big Business
I Zimbra
Houses in Motion
Slippery People
Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)
Life During Wartime
Making Flippy Floppy

Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth, MA, 8/20/83
Girlfriend Is Better
Take Me to the River
Crosseyed and Painless
Burning Down the House

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