Unfortunately, time has caught up with the Bottom Feeders camp, so there will be a one-week delay for the 45th installment. (Dave just wants everyone to read the 44th installment again, but if you interpret this delay as a tribute to our 44th president, Dave and his teething infant son won’t mind. Á¢€”Ed.) To hold you over until we continue next week, I give you three songs from the Billboard Hot Dance/Disco chart during the 1980s.

Á¢€Å“The Record Keeps SpinningÁ¢€ — 1984, #32

Á¢€Å“Watch the Closing DoorsÁ¢€ — 1984, #6

Á¢€Å“Dancing on the FireÁ¢€ — 1988, #15

Finally, while this has nothing to do with the ’80s, it screams out what Bottom Feeders is all about. Until Monday night I thought no one would ever be able to wiggle under the bar that was set so low by D4L’s “Laffy Taffy,” but by the grace of God, I present you with what is probably the lowest point of the entire decade — maybe all of music history, for that matter. Feast your eyes on the G-Spot Boyz and their “hit” song, “Stanky Legg.”

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/lNW7QdM2Kw8" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

You have to wonder why more people don’t just pick two notes on their Fisher-Price keyboard and any two random words and have a hit record.

Please forgive me for the sin of “Stanky Legg” and come back next week, when we continue with the letter J and I premiere my video for “Do the Douchebag Crunch.”

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