Section 4: Bubbling Under

Ministry hit #115 with ”The Fall”

Shane Minor bubbled under at #111 with ”Ordinary Love”

Mint Condition bubbled under with ”So Fine”

Miranda bubbled under with ”Round & Round”

Mr. Lee bubbled under with ”Hey Love (Can I Have A Word)”

Mr. Mirainga bubbled under with ”Burnin’ Rubber”

Mr. Money Love bubbled under with ”Imma Rolla” and ”Throw Yo Hood Up”

Mix Factory hit #116 with ”Take Me Away”

Mobb Deep bubbled under with ”Front Lines” ”G.O.D. Pt. III” and ”Quiet Storm”

Mokenstef bubbled under with ”Sex in the Rain”

Mona Lisa hit #112 with ”Just Wanna Please U”

Mon a Q hit #120 with ”Stay In Love”

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