We move into the 4th letter of the alphabet this week as we visit the letter D and check out songs that hit the Billboard Rock chart, but failed to cross over into the Hot 100. Enjoy.

”Sleeping My Day Away” 1989, #23 (download)

I don’t know which is worse — the abbreviation D.A.D. or what it stands for — Disneyland After Dark. Either way, ”Sleeping My Day Away” is easily the best thing they did in the 80s at least (they are still releasing records, but I can’t say I’ve ever picked an album up other than to fill a hole in my collection). The track was from their third album, No Fuel Left For the Pilgrims.

Roger Daltrey
”Martyrs and Madmen” 1982, #38 (download)
”Say It Ain’t So, Joe” 1982, #41 (download)
”Under a Raging Moon” 1985, #10 (download)
”Quicksilver Lightning” 1986, #11 (download)
”Take Me Home” 1987, #46 (download)

Looking back at the reviews of Roger Daltrey’s 80s records, he didn’t exactly get critical praise. I went back after saying he was ”hit or miss” in the original series and listened to his albums again and I still think I was right.

”Martyrs and Madmen” and ”Say It Ain’t So, Joe” were released as singles to promote his Best Bits compilation in 1982. ”Joe” was written by Murray Head and appeared on his 1977 album One of the Boys. ”Martyrs” was recorded in the same session for that album, but never released until this point.

”Quicksilver Lightning” is interesting only for the soundtrack from which it came, not for being the title track to the black sheep of Kevin Bacon’s career. The Quicksilver soundtrack included this track written by Giorgio Moroder, had Peter Frampton, John Parr and ”One Sunny Day/Dueling Bikes” which was a minor hit for Ray Parker Jr and Helen Terry. And the score was written by Tony Banks. None of that could save the flick though.

The Damned
”Alone Again Or” 1987, #50 (download)

”Alone Again Or” pretty much fucked the Damned. I mean really, they were a pretty cool goth-punk band from the late 70s through the 1985 album Phantasmagoria but they completely revamped their style for their 1986 album Anything, and when that tanked and MCA dropped them, they split up. This cover of the Love song never did anything for me and Anything truly is a piece of crap.

Dangerous Toys
”Scared” 1989, #46 (download)

Dangerous Toys is a name you should know if you liked the glam metal/hair metal scene of the 80s, but I’m really not sure why they stick in my mind so much. ”Teas’n Pleas’N” was really the only song that was played in my area growing up — I don’t even remember ”Scared” on the radio at all. And I’m no worse off for it either, as it’s a pretty bad song.

Dangerous Toys put out a total of four albums, each progressively worse until their final album in ’95 with the remarkably dumb title of The R*tist 4*merly Known as Dangerous Toys.

Charlie Daniels Band
”Sweet Home Alabama” 1981, #52 (download)
”Bogged Down In Love with You” 1987, #22 (download)

Well, ”Sweet Home Alabama” is one of those timeless songs even though we’ve all heard it 1000 times, but you have to admit that Charlie Daniels’ version with the horn section gives it some great life. It was released from their Volunteer Jam series — VII.

”Bogged Down In Love with You” was a rockin’ little ditty from Powder Keg — his first album in over a decade that didn’t hit any US chart. And it most certainly can be avoided if you’re going back and picking up Charlie Daniels records.

The Darling Buds
”Let’s Go Round There” 1989, Modern Rock #27 (download)

The Darling Buds were a twee pop group out of Wales. While you can probably imagine that twee pop was not in my wheelhouse, later on in the 90s when I went to college, the music director at our radio station was heavily into the genre and this band.

What I do remember most about these guys is having a huge crush on lead singer Andrea Lewis. While I didn’t like a lot of the pop sung by girls that sounded like they were 12, I did like to look at a lot of them. And you know what, ”Let’s Go Round There” isn’t half bad either.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/ODActq6VH1w" width="600" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

David & David
”Swallowed by the Cracks” 1986, #14 (download)

I really need to pull out David & David’s only album — Boomtown — and listen to it again. I remember it being a good record and I love the first single, ”Welcome to the Boomtown”. ”Swallowed by the Cracks” was the second song on the album and is also pretty damn awesome. But I haven’t listened to it since David & David showed in the ass end over two years ago. This just feels like an album that needs to be listened to now and then.

Martha Davis
”Just Like You” 1987, #47 (download)

Every time I look at a picture of Martha Davis I kind of get a chill down my spine. She very often has that total psychotic look on her face in shots from her solo days and with the Motels. For that reason alone, I can stand to skip ”Just Like You”

Danielle Dax
”Cat House” 1988, Modern Rock #19 (download)

I don’t really know a whole lot about Danielle Dax besides what I hear in ”Cat House”. I know she’s more experimental than straightforward and how could she not be with this unique voice. I’m not a fan of her sound, but it does make ”Cat House” stand out from the crowd.

Deacon Blue
”Dignity” 1988, #22 (download)

If you can find a copy of Deacon Blue’s debut album Raintown — pick it up. ”Dignity” is from that album and is very reminiscent of the sound — a little gloomy, a little poppy, a lot melodic and catchy hooks through and through.

I am a little surprised to see this has a legacy series double disc reissue from 2006. It’s good, but I didn’t think that many people would be clamoring for a reissue. Maybe I’m wrong.

The Dead Milkmen
”Punk Rock Girl” 1989, Modern Rock #11 (download)

I know the Dead Milkmen is a beloved group in many circles but despite the fact that I grew up in their hometown of Philadelphia, PA I never heard much from them. Even when ”Punk Rock Girl” was released I only remember seeing the video — never hearing them on the radio. Of course, I understand. It’s not exactly like they made commercial music. But if you’ve never heard anything from these guys, at least pick up the album from which this came — Beelzebubba.

Quick Hits
Best Song: David & David, ”Swallowed by the Cracks”
Worst Song: Dangerous Toys, ”Scared”

Also appeared in the Hot 100
Roger Daltrey (3): ”Walking In My Sleep”, ”After the Fire”, ”Let Me Down Easy”
Charlie Daniels Band (1): ”Still In Saigon”
David & David (2): ”Welcome to the Boomtown”, ”Ain’t So Easy”
Jimmy Davis & Junction (1): ”Kick the Wall”

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