Popdose is proud to announce that, in the wake of Ape Records reissuing the Dukes of Stratosphear’s 25 O’Clock EP and their subsequent full-length, Psonic Psunspot, the artist occasionally known as Sir John Johns…we’re speaking of Andy Partridge, of course…has agreed to answer questions posed to him by Popdose readers.

The date of the actual interview has yet to be set, but until it takes place, the floor will be open for your queries to Mr. Partridge…and by “floor,” we mean the Reply section below.

Curious about the origins of your favorite XTC song? Anxious to get an update on the status of his long-discussed collaborative album with Robyn Hitchcock? Wondering if there’s any truth to the Wikipedia claim that he provided the voice of a cricket commentator in an episode of “Family Guy”?

Here’s your big chance to pose your questions to a true musical legend. Take advantage of it!