It’s been 7 years since a Meltgsnow record, with the group having released their debut in 2003 and only getting to the follow up now. They are based out of Singapore and while I don’t listen to very much Asian metal simply because I don’t feel there are many metal bands creating spectacular music from that area, Meltgsnow is at least intriguing to me.

I’ve never heard the debut record to compare the two, but they are billed as a goth-metal band which doesn’t quite do these guys justice, at least with Black Penance. I do admit that before I did some research and saw how they were labeled, the phrase ”thrash created by Love and Rockets” entered my mind more than once, so the goth element is certainly present. But so is traditional rock, thrash, fuck — maybe even a little hair metal. Whatever it is they have become or maybe always were, is a melting pot of styles (or should I say a ”meltgpot”) that creates a relatively melodic rock sound, one that you wouldn’t expect from the label that’s releasing them in North America — Pulverized.

The vocals are in English and alternate between spoken bits, surprisingly clean melodies, vintage power metal and unearthly screaming, which for as much as the musical landscape changes from song to song, fits well.

My only real issue with Black Penance is that I can’t get out of my head that it sounds very dated. If you didn’t tell me this was new, I would totally believe that it was a mid-to-late 90s record (maybe with some remastering done). This feels less like they are pushing the boundaries of what goth-metal is and more like they are pushing their way out of the genre completely. But, the finished product no matter what genre I think it should be under is good enough that I’m intrigued at to what the future will bring for Meltgsnow.

The release date appears to be TBD at this time, but if you check out the Pulverized Records store, you’ll be able to pick it up at some point.

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