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In much the same fashion as Tobey Maguire personified innocent charm on the big screen with his breakout role in Pleasantville, Johnny Lloyd Rollins is stepping onto 21st century music stages with an aura that many of us have not seen since the days of black and white. Neo-folk stories are delivered with an organically fresh, raw energy, a balladeer’s voice, and a Technicolor red and white guitar.

If you close your eyes you may think that you are back listening to an early Sun recording session of Elvis or an old Cavern Club recording of The Beatles. A few minutes pass and you realize that while the nuances exist, his vocal vulnerability and songwriting are distinctively original and refreshingly modern.

This young pop singer/songwriter from California has the music world buzzing in the Lone Star State of Texas. This past year he has been featured in D Magazine, the Dallas Observer, the Dallas Morning News and was named the number 1 highlight of the IPO Liverpool festival by BBC Radio. His style has quickly gained notoriety as simultaneously evocative of Elvis’ charisma and rockabilly’s roots, of McCartney’s boyish charm, melodic sensibility and Beatles harmonies, and the honest storytelling of Cash.

As industry insiders from music writers to A& R reps have quickly discovered, Rollins is poised to bring back to music what matters most…a simple song.

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