Got an e-mail a few days ago from Mark, a street teamer working on behalf of Nizlopi, a band I’d never heard of before (although I do wish I’d met them before they named their band).

Turns out the single Mark and Nizlopi are pushing, “Girls,” is a pretty charming little slice of acoustic pop/folk magic. I dig it enough to go and check out the rest of what the band has to offer, so maybe you will too.

Here’s the rest of the good word, directly from Mark his own self:

They are one of the most exciting acoustic live acts in the UK at the moment and they are releasing a new single ‘Girls’ on 3rd April and need all the help they can get to prove to the corporate world that they are not just a one hit wonder fluke. We need more music like these guys to push out the Pop Idol/Americal Idol rubbish that fills our airwaves all too often. However, as you can imagine it is an uphill struggle against that major record label machine!

The new single

The band’s #1 hit, “The JCB Song”

live mp3s

The Nizlopi media site

The official website

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