Don’t know if there’s anyone besides me still reading comic books, specifically The Amazing Spider-Man, but the powers that be just pulled a major Dallas-style boner — y’see, a lot of people don’t like that Peter Parker and Mary Jane are married. They want it to be like it was in the oldie times, when Petey was a swingin’ single, shagging fab gear babes like Gwen Stacy (until she, y’know, died).So how did they resolve this? They had Peter Parker make a deal with the devil to save his eternally-on-the-verge-of-croaking Aunt May. In return, the devil (known in Comic Book Land as “Mephisto”) wanted something in return. Peter’s soul? Mary Jane’s soul? Eternal servitude? A ham sandwich?

Nope, he wanted the Parkers’ marriage. Yeah, it’s just as stupid as it reads.

So here we are — Peter is single again, de-aged about 10 years or go, unemployed and living with Aunt May, which must make watching porn a real pain. Now, while I agree this is the way Spider-Man should be written, it was done in a such a sloppy, ham-fisted way that I had to laugh.

Laugh and create this:
Old Debbil!

How do you feel about Spidey? Married or single?

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