David Medsker

medsker.JPG David Medsker used to be “with it.” But then they changed what “it” was. Now what he’s “with” isn’t “it,” and what’s “it” seems weird and scary to him. Ironically, it was around the moment when he had completely lost touch with all things hip and cool that he landed a job as Senior Editor for the online men’s magazine Bullz-Eye.com. Luckily, his employers have yet to find out about his dirty secret, as he’s too busy blasting the New Pornographers in an attempt to throw them off the scent. When they’re not around, though, he’s most likely listening to Al Stewart or Paul Davis.

Before securing full-time employment as a writer, David worked as a white-collar stiff for various investment advisers and transfer agents in the Chicago and Boston area by day, writing about music and movies for Bullz-Eye, PopMatters, Chicago newspaper RedEye, and his own, now-defunct website Dizzy Heights at night. He adores his wife, Deb, and hopes that his son, Garrett, continues to look absolutely nothing like him.