If you had to go away for awhile and you could only take five of your favorite albums with you, which ones would you choose? Yes, we know it isn’t a fair question, but that hasn’t stopped us from asking music fans who happen to be recording artists in their own right. This edition of Desert Island Discs comes courtesy of Trey Lockerbie, whose latest EP, Light Therapy, is out now. Visit his official site for samples of Trey’s music — after reading his Desert Island picks, of course!

I’d say albums are more like chapters in my life than the story that lasts the entire book. These made an impression in some profound way and even if I don’t celebrate them every day, they’re still favorites:

Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon – this record absolutely changed my life. For an 11 year old growing up with nothing but James Taylor being played in the house, this flipped my universe upside down. It was a major catalyst for pursuing music, after realizing how sonically experimental music could be. As of now, though, my music probably more emulates JT.

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Bob Dylan, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan – An obvious classic, but still untouchable 48 years after its release.

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Radiohead, In Rainbows I get flack from all the Radiohead purists who religiously praise their other work (which I also do), but this one, to me, walked a beautiful line of being creative, aggressive and progressive while still being accessible. Something every artist should strive for, in my opinion.

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Kathleen Edwards, Failer Kathleen broke onto the scene with this record in 2003, but never seemed to reach the masses. I find this to be one of the most underrated records from a true artist with an amazing voice and sense of storytelling. I’m a sucker for female singers, especially when most of the songs they write are about touring and hanging out in bars.

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Gillian Welch, Time (The Revelator) What can I say? Gillian may as well be Helen of Troy in my mind. An unstoppable force, with partner Dave Rawlings, who managed to stay “on point” through 10 whole songs (one lasting 14 1/2 minutes). A contemporary classic, if you will.

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