Hey Mr. DJ
DJ D is the former spinmeister of Retro Remix Radio and now runs the blog of the same name. He is a lifelong, obsessive music lover with a collection of thousands of pop, dance, and R&B remixes spanning over 30 years of artists and styles.

History in the Mix
The blog was launched in April 2007, having been spun off from the now-defunct online radio station of the same name. Retro Remix Radio thrilled music lovers for two years on Live365 until the station’s tearful demise in ’07. (DJ D thanks all of you for your flowers and casseroles.) The blog began as a way to showcase the same tracks that fueled the radio station.

Retro Remixes
Retro Remixes is the hottest, coolest old-school music blog on the Net, spinning your favorite pop, R&B, disco, new wave, and dance remixes, from Disco Days to ’90s Nights, and with special emphasis on the ’80s, female artists, and attitude.

Also featured on the blog are special “Station Break” posts, where online radio stations are spotlighted. Other features include “Retro Links,” featuring links to other sites of interest to old-school music lovers, and “Blog Watch,” highlighting great blogs on the Net.

Turning the Beat Around
The goal of the blog and the Future Retro column at Popdose is to promote the greatest old-school jams and artists. Spinning from an ever-growing collection of thousands of tracks, DJ D plans to continue his mission of mercy until the restraining order takes effect.