Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers – Three Nights on the Town (2005)
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I meant to buy this when it came out, and then forgot — but then I read about all the fantastic stuff that Bruce Hornsby has on tap for 2006, and changed the error of my ways.

Hornsby fans — and you know I’m one of ‘em — know what a wonderfully restless muse he’s got, but the rest of the world is still stuck imagining him as the soft rocker behind “The Way It Is” and “Mandolin Rain.” If you’ve never seen him live, I highly recommend you drop whatever it is you’re doing and get tickets to a nearby show at your next opportunity.

Or buy this DVD. It’s the next best thing. I haven’t watched all of it yet, but it’s a great blend of Hornsby the consummate bandleader and Hornsby the consummate solo performer, split between three shows — two band, one solo — on his Halcyon Days tour. Great songwriter, great songs, phenomenal band, tremendous audience rapport…I know concert DVDs are generally pretty dull, but this one’s pretty entertaining. Toss in some behind-the-scenes documentary footage, and how can you lose?

What, you’re still on the fence? Fine. Take these performances of “Gonna Be Some Changes Made” (download) and “Dreamland” (download) from the DVD (two of the better songs from Halcyon Days, incidentally, and “Dreamland” sounds so much better without Elton John on it).

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