One of the nicest things about writing for Popdose is that I’m surrounded by people that do stuff. Among our ranks are actual musicians, actors, dancers, screenwriters, and filmmakers, as well as accomplished writers. It’s not like some sites (that taste precludes me from mentioning) where the staff is filled by people whose dreams and talents crashed and burned, so they spend their digital days ragging on those who have succeeded.

Shortly after our very own Arend Anton previewed a trailer he made for a project he was working on, Red Gold, I sent him some audio files. I started in earnest on a new instrumental recording, going a little more ambient and a lot more ‘filmic’ and thought, just maybe, Arend could create a video for these two tracks. I wasn’t going to hold my breath, though. After all, creative types are known for a perpetual lack of fundage, he might be needing a few bucks for his efforts and, not coincidentally, I had none to offer.

He was only too willing to take a new project on and, with my complete blessing to go nuts and do whatever he felt like with my music, the wheels were set in motion. By the time he was done, he had presented a visual tone-poem touching on everything from the dread of the day-to-day, the complete freedom of innocence and, framed as a home-movie/memory, a bittersweet vignette. He named the film (Outlive).

Dw. Dunphy – The Darkness

Dw. Dunphy – The Dawn

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