May is the unofficial start of the summer concert season, so to unofficially celebrate the shows of 2009, and internet radio station The Penguin have teamed up for Penguimania 2009. Tune in each Wednesday at 9:00 EST for Radioshow With Dw. Dunphy to hear the live performance megamix in full. Then each week we’ll present a downloadable MP3 of a set from the “concert.”

Set Three

The third set starts with power trio Rush and one of their most popular (and most “pop”) tunes, “New World Man.”

RPWL started as a Pink Floyd tribute band, then emerged with original compositions. Ray Wilson was the lead vocalist for the band Stiltskin and the one-time singer for Genesis on the Calling All Stations album. Here is a version of his standout track from that album, “Not About Us.”

Steve Taylor started as a singer in the Christian contemporary market, and while wildly popular, was also controversial in his witty, sometimes flippant approach. He also pulled in musicians from the secular market to play on his recordings. He currently finds work as a director with his next film, Blue Like Jazz, now in production. “Violent Blue” comes from the band Chagall Guevara when Taylor, Lynn Nichols and Dave Perkins (of Passafist) shot for the big time on their self-titled MCA release.

Ritual is a folk/prog/metal group from Sweden, fronted by Patrik Lindstrom. Although the mix might seems strange and daunting, their turn on “Do You Want to See the Sun?” originally from their album Superb Birth, has a heavy stomp reminiscent of Led Zeppelin crossed with heavier aspects of King Crimson.


We’ll see you here next week for the final set and, don’t forget: you can enjoy the entire mix over at The Penguin, Wednesday nights starting at 9:00 PM EST: find it at

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