Here at Popdose, we’re proud to say we’re both growers and showers: as our roster of ever-phenomenal writers (writing ever-phenomenal stories) increases, so does our popularity within the blogosphere. And Wikio, known for publishing a monthly list of the top blogs in various categories, has chosen us to reveal their top music blogs for the month of February. Thanks, Wikio! We love you too, though the last box of chocolates you sent had a disproportionate amount of coconut, and we hate coconut.

Here they are:

1 PopEater Music Blog
2 Stereogum
4 Nah Right
5 Brooklyn Vegan
6 The Fader Magazine
7 Idolator
8 MTV Newsroom
9 Sound of the City
10 Matablog
11 The Smoking Section
12 Gorilla vs. bear
14 Ill Doctrine
15 WFMU’s Beware of the Blog
17 Grandgood
18 Passion of the Weiss
19 Line Out
20 Lefsetz Letter



23 Arjan Writes
24 You Ain’t No Picasso
25 The KEXP Blog
27 Chart Rigger
28 Tiny Mix Tapes
29 The Hood Internet
30 Culture Bully

Ranking by Wikio

Woo-hoo! We’re #21! We’re #21! Not too shabby, considering we didn’t make the Top 30 just a couple of months ago. However, we’re always striving to do better — we’re cool with Lefsetz beating us, but this Stereogum shit has got to stop — so let’s negotiate: we’ll keep dreaming up original, thoughtful commentary on the state of pop culture, and you keep letting people know about us. Deal?

Thanks to Wikio for the exclusive! Be sure to visit their site for the list of top blogs in all sorts of categories!

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