It’s official: my good friend Fred Wilhelm and his song, “Dearly Beloved,” have made the final track listing for the new Faith Hill album, due in August. I’m no country fan — hell, Faith Hill isn’t country, and I’m not even a Faith Hill fan — but Scout’s honor, this is a really good song, and I’m honestly curious to hear her take on it. Lyrically, it’s another entry in the timeworn tradition of redneck shotgun wedding songs, but Fred gets in some terrific lines:

Dearly beloved, I’d like to welcome y’all
To see the side effects of sex and alcohol

Daddy’s in the front row, mutterin’ “Oh no
“Here we go again
“They had a couple dates, now she’s three weeks late
And it’s fifty bucks a plate I spent”

Needless to say, I’m buying it, and what the hell, maybe I’ll even write a review.

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