Lost in the 80s is one year old this week!

In one short year, I’ve seen my little hobby and obsession with 80s emphemra grow from about 10-15 visitors a day to more than 1,000 on average, which never ceases to amaze me. I’ve also had the privilege to correspond with many of the artists I love and have written about, including members of Naked Eyes, the Woodentops, Kommunity FK (I’m still waiting for Phil Oakey to shoot a note over). I never dreamed that one day I’d be trading e-mails with an artist whose 45 I once spun endlessly in my teenage bedroom, but hey, here we are.

And since we’re here, let’s celebrate. I’d like everyone to leave a comment and tell me what post from the previous year you’d like to see reposted, complete with songs. If you’ve missed something you’ve been looking for, here’s your chance to get it again. I’ll take the top vote getters and repost them all this week – so sign in and get crackin’.

And thanks for hanging around – on to Year Two!

Choose from:
Kim Wilde
Boomtown Rats
Balaam & the Angel
Frankie Goes To Hollywood
The Human League
The Knack
Altered Images
Nolan Thomas
Robin Gibb
The Other Ones
Naked Eyes
Heaven 17
The Models
Wa Wa Nee
Hunters & Collectors
Jim Steinman
Honeymoon Suite
Julie Brown
Chaka Khan
The Woodentops
Billy Rankin
Van Stephenson
Kissing the Pink
The Time
Joe Strummer
Belouis Some
Rick Springfield
Book of Love
The Bolshoi
Kommunity FK
Donnie Iris
Mari Wilson
Rubber Rodeo
The Human League (again)
Until December
Jules Shear
Tears For Fears
Echo & the Bunnymen
Thomas Dolby
Duran Duran / Kissing the Pink b-sides

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