Hopefully everyone has the day off – if not, here’s some commiseration courtesy of actor Bill Paxton and his art-rock/New Wave collective known as Martini Ranch – “How Can The Laboring Man Find Time for Self-Culture”.

Martini Ranch was centered around Paxton and Andrew Todd. They featured a number of notable guest artists on their one and only album, 1986’s Holy Cow, including DEVO’s Mark Mothersbaugh on this track, which helps explain its obvious DEVO-nous. The video’s good fun for playing Spot the ’80s Star…how many can you name?

Martini Ranch got a bit more buzz with another single from Holy Cow called “Reach”, which made the 120 Minutes playlist for a bit. After that, the duo went their separate ways, with Paxton making a much bigger splash a year later in Aliens. But he’ll always be evil big brother “Chet” from Weird Science to me.

“How Can The Laboring Man Find Time For Self-Culture” did not chart.

Used copies of Holy Cow can be found at Amazon.