Statistics chosen at random from the latest Harper’s Index, with corresponding mp3s.

Date that the Tea Party Bookshop in Salem, Oregon, changed its name to Tigress Books: 8/24/10 Nils Lofgren – Bein’ Angry

Chance that a viewer of Fox News’s prime-time broadcast is African-American: 1 in 100 Green Day – Minority

Percentage of Americans who say they do not know a Muslim: 62 Simple Minds – Different World

Number of countries in which gay sex is currently illegal: 76 Robyn – Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do

Chance that an American couple who met since 2007 first met online: 1 in 4 Zapp & Roger – Computer Love

Percentage of British businessmen who travel with their teddy bears: 25 ZZ Top – Teddy Bear

Percentage increase since 1960 in the average weight of a farm-raised U.S. turkey: 72 Miranda Cosgrove – Disgusting

Chance that an American teenager in an August survey was considering “un-friending” his or her parents on Facebook: 1 in 3 The Shaggs – Who Are Parents

Average amount that U.S. parents spend to raise a child to age 18: $286,000 The Who – Did You Steal My Money?

Percentage of American corporations whose stock is currently rated as a “buy,” according to Bloomberg: 29 Bruce Roberts – When the Money’s Gone

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