Ah, the divisional playoffs.  Which is a bit more interesting than usual because with the AFC West, AFC South, and NFC East divisional already eliminated, only five of the eight divisions are still represented.  And even that’s a bit of a surprise, because nobody expected the Seahawks to be playing this weekend.  As I will continue to mention throughout the playoffs, Gamblor and Son of Gamblor’s picks are purely theoretical at this point.  The computer was actually 3-1 last week, thanks to some pretty impressive performances by underdogs, and is once again recommending underdogs across the board.

Away Home Spread Gamblor’s Pick Bet Amount Son of Gamblor’s Pick Bet Amount Overall Pick Overall Bet
BAL at PIT -3 BAL $0.23 BAL
GNB at ATL -2.5 GNB $9.25 GNB $9.25
SEA at CHI -10 SEA $10.67 SEA $10.67
NYJ at NEP -8.5 NYJ $14.35 NYJ $22.38 NYJ $36.74


Computer’s Pick: Baltimore (+3)
Bet Amount: $0.23 (Gamblor only)
COMMENTS: This game seems like quite a toss-up to me.  It should be a close contest, and the only reason the Steelers have an edge is due to home-field advantage.  I like their chances to win, but Baltimore is certainly capable of keeping this one close enough for the spread to factor in.  I actually think this one might come down to an early injury or two that shift the balance, otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one turn out as a push.
Computer’s Pick: Green Bay (+2.5)
Bet Amount: $9.25 (Gamblor only)
COMMENTS: Atlanta managed to sneak up on a lot of people, but they seemed to falter a bit during the end of the season when they lost at home to the New Orleans Saints in a pretty important game.  Obviously the playoffs are different, but Green Bay has already got plenty of playoff experience in contrast to the budding Falcons.  I think that will make a big difference.  Last week I was happy to get points with the Packers; I feel exactly the same way this week.
Computer’s Pick: Seattle (+10)
Bet Amount: $10.67 (Gamblor only)
COMMENTS: I like this bet a lot.  Despite beating the defending Superbowl champions last week, Seattle still isn’t getting any respect.  That’s got to needle them quite a bit.  And with Jay Cutler at the helm, Chicago is certainly capable of blowing what should be an easy victory.  I don’t think they will, and I don’t think that Matt Hasselbeck will deliver the same kind of performance against the Bears’ overachieving defense, but I do think this will be a more interesting game than the spread suggests, the spread will factor in.
Computer’s Pick: NY Jets (+8.5)
Bet Amount: $36.74 (Consensus)
COMMENTS: I’ll pass on the Jets in this one – I think Belichick has got them all figured out, and there’s no way they’ll be able to shut Tom Brady down.  The Jets perform well against a team with ONE wideout star, but the Patriots have too many weapons and spread the ball out as a matter of policy, so Revis Island won’t be as big of a factor as it was against the Colts.  I think the Patriots will run away with this one.