What I’m reviewing at Bullz-Eye this week…

Vince Gill’s These Days :
(”Whether you like country music or hate it, if you love music, you’d do well to grab a copy of These Days; it certainly isn’t often that an artist who’s nearly fifteen albums into his solo career decides to go this balls-out, and such adventurousness should be rewarded.”)

Eric Bachmann’s To the Races :
(”Though Races will be a bit of a jolt if you haven’t listened to anything he’s done since his Archers of Loaf days, Bachmann’s entire career has really been a case study in reduction of sound; he’s been peeling back layers as he goes along, and with this album, he’s stripped his songs down to their emotional core.”)

The Eagle Classic Albums DVD of Who’s Next :
(”Think about it: one of the best records the Who would ever release was assembled largely using leftover parts from another album. When you stop to consider the way the Beach Boys dribbled out bits of the bowdlerized Smile in the years after Brian Wilson’s collapse, Who’s Next is even more impressive.”)

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