Issued in the United States only, this four-track EP was released in 1983 (The Best Year For Music Ever!) to capitalize on INXS’ breakthrough earlier in the year with the single “The One Thing”. That song is included here in a nice extended version, along with longer remixes of Shabooh Shoobah tracks “Black and White” and my fave, “To Look At You”.

A re-recorded, moodier version of “Here Comes” (also originally from Shabooh) fills out the EP. Dekadance has been out of print for 24 years, but here it is for your grooving pleasure today. Enjoy!

Just don’t say the name “J.D. Fortune” around me.

Dekadance EP:
“Black And White (Extended Version)”
“To Look At You (Extended Version)”
“The One Thing (Extended Version)”
“Here Comes II (New Version)”

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