…Or at least for a little while. Beginning January 4, Planet EarthÁ¢€â„¢s economic melt-down makes its way to Broadway. And not in the form of a snazzy new musical (which could be ironically entertaining). Rather, on January 4, Broadway shows will start to go down like a kick line of dominoes.Á‚  If you have any desire to see these productions, do it now…

13, the Musical, closes January 4
Boeing-Boeing, closes January 4
Grease, closes January 4
Hairspray, closes January 4
Young Frankenstein, closes January 4
All My Sons, closes January 11
Gypsy, closes January 11
Spamalot, closes January 11
Spring Awakening, closes January 11

But not to fear completely, a few new shows will open soon. Spring 2009 will bring revivals of West Side Story, Hair, and Guys and Dolls, as well as a handful of new plays. Although it won’t be a full Broadway line-up, there should be enough playing to keep the TKTS booth open and the tourists happy. And hey, now’s a great time to check out more affordable selections off-Broadway.

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