Jeff Giles


Jeff Giles, Popdose’s Editor-In-Chief (translation: exasperated ringleader), was the diseased mind behind Jefitoblog, an MP3 blog of mild renown that racked up over 750,000 visitors before its untimely demise in the early fall of 2007.

Faced with the numbing task of starting over from scratch, Jeff decided instead to try something new: namely, rounding up a bunch of his favorite writers and getting them to share the workload glory. After a seemingly interminable development period, Popdose was born on January 1, 2008.

Aside from moderating the Chartburn roundtable, Jeff handles a number of recurring series, including the Cassingle Vault, Cutouts Gone Wild!, CAPTAIN VIDEO!, and the Weekly Mixtape.

Jeff’s work can also be found at Rotten Tomatoes and Bullz-Eye.