John C. Hughes

The pretentiously named John C. Hughes is known as such in an effort to differentiate himself from the other John Hughes obsessed with the ’80s, the director of classics such as Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. John C. Hughes wishes to categorically state that he is not that John Hughes, and can he have his venti Toffee Nut Latte and ATM card back, please?

John C. Hughes is also proud to state that he’s much, much younger than director John Hughes. And better built. And totally cuter. Don’t get John C. Hughes wrong — he isn’t dissing director John Hughes in the slightest. In fact, John C. Hughes is a slavish fan of director John Hughes, and often used to fancy himself quite the Ferris Bueller type, until several friends and family members assured him he was much more a “Cameron,” if not a pre-nose-job Jennifer Grey.

John C. Hughes began his Lost in the ’80s blog in 2005 and is now proud to be a member of the Popdose family, where he’s introduced LIT80s’s companions, the obviously named Lost in the ’70s and Lost in the ’90s, alongside the slightly more originally named Why You Should Like… LIT80s continues to be archived here, and John C. Hughes continues to whine about life in general at Johnny Is a Man.