Just wanted to let everybody know that Amazon’s taking pre-orders for Chris Whitley’s final album, Reiter In, due next Tuesday. I knew it was coming out this spring, but kept forgetting to find out when…so…now I know.

More info, from Whitley’s site:

All analog recording, made with band in New York, mostly played in one take with no overdubs. A surprisingly powerful rock album full of raw melancholy and rough beauty – among the best you have ever heard from Chris

Chris wanted the band on the album be called

The Bastard Club was:

Chris Whitley: lead vox , gtrs
Heiko Schramm: bass gtr, backing vox
Brian Geltner: drums, vibes, acoustic gtr, backing vox
Tim Beattie: harmonica, lap steel, backing vox
Kenny Siegal: baritone, electric and acoustic gtr, backing vox
Sean Balin: violin
Gwen Snyder: vox and tambourine

The recordings were done June 1,2,3,and 5th 2005 at Old Soul Studios on 2″ tape Sony MCI Jh24 tape deck- through a Trident Board. All analog recordings played in one take.

Produced by Kenny Siegal (of the New York band JOHNNY SOCIETY)
Engineered by John Holbrook and Tom Schick
Assisted by Sean Balin
Mixed by Kenny Siegal and John Holbrook in 2 days on the 15th and 16th of June.
Mastered by Chris Athens at Sterling Sound, New York

The songs on the album are:

1. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Stooges) (download)
2. Bring It On Home (W. Dixon)
3. Inn
4. Mountainside (Flaming Lips) (download)
5. Cut The Cards
6. German Film Star (Passions)
7. Are Friends Electric? (G. Numan)
8. Reiter In
9. I Go Evil
10. All Beauty Taken From You In This Life Remains Forever (download)
11. Comin Home

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