Kelly Stitzel

Kelly Stitzel hails from the glamorous state of Ohio and makes her living working in marketing. She has a degree in creative writing, which means she couldn’t hack it as a psychology major and decided she needed to major in something that didn’t require that she be proficient at math. She has about ten unfinished novels and screenplays lurking around her apartment, and she has big plans to one day finish one of them. Kelly’s a self-confessed space geek and will talk your ear off about the history of manned space exploration if you’re stupid enough to ask her about it.

So, what’s she doing here? Well, she used to write this little blog called Looking at Them (which she’s still shocked anyone actually ever read), but decided to call it quits for various reasons. But instead of drifting off into blogger obscurity, she’s going to continue her ramblings here at Popdose with Soundtrack Saturday, a feature that used to be pretty popular on her own blog (and by “popular,” she means those posts got more than three comments). If you can’t get enough of Kelly here, you can also find her occasionally contributing to