Leigh Nash – Blue on Blue (2006)
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Leigh Nash - Blue On Blue

You probably don’t know Leigh Nash by name, but you more than likely know her voice; as the lead singer of Sixpence None the Richer, she exhorted you to kiss her in the mega-hit “Kiss Me” (and if you’re like me, she did it so many times Á¢€” by virtue of the song’s overoverplayed-ness Á¢€” that you sometimes wanted to stuff her mouth with balled-up t-shirts instead of kissing it).

Anyway, Sixpence is no more, and Nash is a solo pixie now. How Blue on Blue differs from Sixpence’s albums I’m really not qualified to say, as I stayed as far away from their output as possible after suffering through “Kiss Me,” but for a wispy, poppy, insufferably pretty collection of songs, you could hardly do better or worse this year.

Is this damning with faint praise? Maybe. All I can tell you is that for about eight songs, I sort of liked Blue, and then I’d abruptly had enough. It felt kind of like sitting down in front of an enormous bowl of ice cream and feeling at first as though finishing the whole thing was not only possible, but perhaps enjoyable, only to run out of gas two-thirds of the way through. And have a stomachache later on.

There’s really nothing wrong with this record, at least not if you buy lots of candles and have breasts, or have an aversion to any amount of grit in your music whatsoever. And even if you don’t fit this description, taken in small doses, Blue on Blue is legitimately engaging, albeit in an extremely glossy way. Download “My Idea of Heaven” (download) and “Between the Lines” (download) and hear for yourself.

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