Sigur Rós – Takk… (2005)
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So. This is what all the hype is about, I guess?

I don’t get it. This music is nice and all, but for all the love the cool kids seem to have for this band, I was expecting something incredible. If not incredibly good, then at least, I don’t know, out-of-this-world different. Like Bjork — she’s freaky. What I got instead is Takk…, an album of moderately evocative Icelandic pop music.

Some of it, like “Glósóli” (download) sounds like Pelican with a hung-over Enya on vocals. Some of it, like “Sé Lest” (download) reminds me of the Boohbahs:

(Those of you with very young children will recognize these terrifying blobs. Those of you without, count yourselves lucky:although ten years ago, Barney seemed like the worst children’s programming there could ever be, and then Teletubbies proved us wrong, and now it’s the goddamn Boohbahs, so good luck sitting through the shit your kids will be watching.)

None of it sounds like the work of a band that won the award for Iceland’s Album of the Century. Come on, hipsters, set me straight — what am I missing here?

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