Well, hello there. Nice to see you. What’s that? Lost B-sides Week was last week? I haven’t posted anything since? I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about. Ahem. Moving on…

Dead or Alive’s “Misty Circles” had a strange trip to becoming a b-side. It was originally the first a-side the band released after signing to Epic Records, but after peaking at a stellar #100 on the UK Singles Chart, well…what can ya do. A year later, the extended version found its way to the b-side of a little single called “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)”. On 12″, this essentially created a double a-side single, as many DJs had no problem flipping it to play “Misty Circles” – listening to it now, you can almost smell the poppers.

Speaking of gender-bending, the b-side to Adam Ant’s “Vive Le Rock” featured a little ode to cross-dressing called “Greta X”:

I’m a joyous glad TV
Why don’t you come TV with me?
I know a girl who loves to dress me
Up like this and then caress me
To remind me of the way
I used to go both night and day
In femininity there’s pride
We’ll marry soon, I’ll be the bride

15 years later, he’d fire a gun at some people in a pub who made fun of his hat. Oh Adam, ridicule is nothing to be scared of.

And THAT is the end of Lost B-sides Week. What do you mean a week is only 7 days?

“Misty Circles” peaked at #4 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart in 1984 as a double a-side.
“Greta X” is the b-side of “Vive Le Rock”.

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