Breaking out the USB turntable and encoding some odds & ends – thought I’d share!

Á¢€¢ Boomtown Rats – “Drag Me Down (U.S. Version): The Rats were the focus of this blog’s second-ever entry, so head over there to read about their convulted history when it comes to their American releases. “Drag Me Down” was a single from their ill-fated final LP, In The Long Grass, which had several songs remixed for American sensibilities. This version has different lyrics, a completely different, very Springsteen-esque bridge, even a different ending. This version did not make it onto the recent remaster, which is regrettable. I sorta prefer this one to the original…must be the American in me.

Á¢€¢ Tina Turner – “One of the Living (Special Dance Mix)”: This Holly Knight/Mike Chapman gem was the second single from the Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome soundtrack. It never shows up on any Tina compilations and its only CD appearance to date has been confined to the soundtrack only, which is puzzling for a song that won the 1985 Grammy for Best Female Rock Performance. This 12″ version has never been issued on CD, as far as I know. Bonus: Conan the Barbarian on sax!

Á¢€¢ Real Life – “Under the Hammer”: An album track from Heartland, the Aussie band’s debut that gave them the smash “Send Me An Angel”. I always thought this would make a killer third single after “Catch Me I’m Falling”, but alas, it was not meant to be. When David Steery sings I can’t stannnnd iiiiiit!, you can hear his little heart shatter. Posted ‘cuz I like it.

More vinyl treasures to come this week!

“Drag Me Down” did not chart.
“One of the Living” peaked at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at #6 on the Dance Music/Club Play Chart in 1985.
“Under the Hammer” was not released as a single.

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