I was going through a box of CD singles that I’m weeding out of my collection, and I couldn’t help but grin as I thumbed past a ridiculous number of cover songs. Once upon a time I used to absolutely live for cover songs, spending way too much money on import singles. Did I really need a copy of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine singing the Monkees’ “Randy Scouse Git”? Probably not. But I bought it anyway, and I bought a hell of a lot of others too, believe me. But before I try to make a few bucks off these things, I thought I’d offer Mr. Giles a little assistance by throwing a few of them together and making this week’s Mixtape. (If anyone wants a sequel, just say the word.)

The Beautiful South – I Started a Joke from We Are Each Other (1992)
Levellers – The Devil Went Down to Georgia from One Way (1991)
Judybats – Cars from Daylight (1991)
The Wonder Stuff – Closer to Fine from Full of Life (Happy Now) (1993)
U2 – Paint It Black from Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (1992)
Gene – Nightswimming from Where Are They Now? (1997)
R.E.M. – Arms of Love from Man on the Moon (1992)
Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians – More Than This [Live] from Madonna of the Wasps (1989)
Tears for Fears – Creep [Live] from God’s Mistake (1995)
Pet Shop Boys – Girls and Boys [Live] from Paninaro ’95 (1995)
Squeeze – End of a Century [Live] from This Summer (1995)
Tom Jones – Unbelievable [Live] from Burning Down the House (1999)
Nine Inch Nails – Get Down Make Love from Sin (1989)
Menswear – Public Image from Being Brave (1996)
The Candyskins – The Day the World Turned Day-Glo from Mrs. Hoover (1996)
Lightning Seeds – Hang On to a Dream from Joy (1990)