This is a “just listen” day. In other words, if you really are interested in the backstory on this cat, open a new window and google it. I’m just providing you with sonic wallpaper for your quest.

For some reason, harmonica giant Billy Boy Arnold’s best tune, the original single version of “Rockinitis,” is available only in used-CD bins or as a download from the 1993 multi-artist Vee Jay sampler A Taste of the Blues, Volume One. Blues fans deserve better Á¢€” like a whole Billy Boy compilation from the late ’50s to early ’60s. (“Rockinitis” was issued in 1957 as Vee Jay 260.) What a rockin’ young harp buck this guy was.

Sigh. Of course, Vee Jay made a bunch of dumb mistakes (like dropping that crappy group the Beatles from their lineup before they were famous), so what do you expect?