This will be the last Mope Like Me column.

In truth, I didn’t think I would be saying this, at least not this soon after launching it. I’m a sucker for sad songs, and God knows there are plenty of them. What I didn’t anticipate, though, is how exhausting it would be to go to that dark place, even if it was only every other week. I guess I’m just too happy now to revisit the more unpleasant times in my life.

And so, rather than draw out the misery for months on end, I’m making a final mix tape of every song I ever thought about writing up for this column. White Label Wednesday will continue to run every other week, and in the place of Mope Like Me will be another song column, but one that is decidedly more upbeat. Ta.

Air – Run
Elliott Smith – Everything Means Nothing to Me
Semisonic – She’s Got My Number
World Party – And I Fell Back Alone
Rialto – Love Like Semtex
E – The Day I Wrote You Off
The Jayhawks – A Break in the Clouds
Joe Jackson – The Other Me
Kerli – Fragile
Squeeze – There Is A Voice
Gus – Tell Me What You Can’t Say
R.E.M. – Endgame
Elbow – Powder Blue
XTC – I Can’t Own Her
October Project – Take Me as I Am
Everything but the Girl – Shadow on a Harvest Moon

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