Greetings, gamers. Scraps is taking a much-needed break from his editing duties — we’d like to thank the good people at Pleasant Palms Resort and Rehabilitation Center for taking him in on such short notice — and has handed me the reins for this week’s installment, a more accurate title for which would be Spot That Sample.

In 2001 I created my own mix of the Beastie Boys song “Shake Your Rump” using the loop-based remix program Acid. I actually made two versions: an “A” mix and then a version that consisted of all of the other loops I didn’t use in the first mix, which I dismissively dubbed the “Dregs” mix. Over time, I preferred the Dregs mix to the original, and a year later, I took the best bits from the “A” mix and added them to the Dregs mix, in order to build the perfect beast, as it were.

Your mission: name the songs I sampled in the Dregs mix.

There are 25 artists  — and I use that term loosely, as one of them is not a musician  — sampled throughout this track. Most of them are repeated a couple times throughout the song, though some are used only once. Any bits from the original Beastie Boys track (“It’s the joint,” “Shake your rump-ah,” the explosion) are not counted in the 25 samples. As for the styles of music contained within, well, I pretty much used anything in my CD collection in the area of 105 BPM that had a good beat, riff, or served as a good fill. And you Joel Whitburn disciples can put away your “Billboard” books: only a fifth of the songs in here cracked the Top 40. But if you know your modern rock, you’ll do just fine. Also, two different bits from the non-musician are included, but you only need to list them once.

The same rules apply as in Scraps’ games. Only three guesses per person between updates, so everyone has a chance to play. I’ll frequently recap the progress, listing the correct guesses in the order in which they appear in the song, so you’ll know where to look for other samples. Once all of the songs are revealed, I’ll post a follow-up trivia question in the forum about one of the artists. The first person to answer correctly wins a prize. No, it won’t be a lava lamp.

One last tip: your best bet is to listen to the song through headphones, so you don’t miss the lower-end snippets. Based on how quickly you jackals devoured his last game, I’m expecting this one to last roughly ten minutes. Are you ready, Mr. Burns? Are you set, Mr. Burns? Go, Mr. Burns!

Beastie Boys Á¢€” Shake Your Rump (David Medsker Dregs Mix)

UPDATE: Here are individual files for the seven remaining samples.

Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 11
Clip 13
Clip 15
Clip 19
Clip 22

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