It’s been awhile since I wrote anything in-depth on politics, for the same reason Captain Video! has taken his sweet-ass time coming back from the 1980th Dimension Á¢€” those posts are really time-consuming. (There’s also the fact that I count myself lucky to have so many overwhelmingly civil discussions about music, and I’d be tempting fate if I started talking on a regular basis about something else that most people take much too personally.)

But do yourself a favor and go pay my friend Py Korry a visit today. His political posts often give my skin a dark green jealous tint, and today’s is no exception. Py is a sharp guy. We disagree a bit on where the left needs to be politically in order to be effective, but he’s at least ten million times smarter than I am, so he’s probably right.

Anyway, these leads me to another point, which is: I’ve recently begun reading the latest book from Greg Palast, one of America’s best most important only real investigative reporters. Naturally, no media outlet in this country is willing to touch Palast’s work, so he delivers regular reports for the BBC.

One of those reports got Palast in hot water with the Department of Homeland Security earlier this year, which is why I bought the book; I figured if the HoS was going to waste my tax dollars on spurious wild-goose chases like this one, I might as well drop a few more bucks into Palast’s royalties.

Greg Palast’s new book is a fantastic, entertaining, enraging read. Having already read a lot of his stuff, I should have been more fully prepared for what to expect, but he’s got a real knack for making you want to hurry up and get to the next page and barf your fucking guts out in impotent rage all at once. Going through the first few chapters after reading Matt Taibbi’s latest screed for Rolling Stone was probably not the most cheerful way to spend a couple hours of a beautiful day, but whatever.

So, buy Greg Palast’s new book. Matter of fact, I’ll even buy it for (one of) you. Who wants it?

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