Two albums I think I’ll be listening to throughout the summer:

It’s very good. I’m not a huge Coldplay fan. As I was just explaining to Benja the other day, the extent of my involvement with their music is basically this: “Clocks” is a fantastic song, and everything else they’ve done is pleasant. There’s nothing on X & Y that reaches out and grabs me by the lapels, but by the same token, there are also no bad songs. In this day and age, my friends, that alone is worth a Grammy. Or it would be, if a Grammy was worth anything. Anyway, I like it, and you should go get it when it comes out on Tuesday. No, I will not put it up for download. Coldplay’s crazy fans make my bandwidth cry.

Also very good. It’s two discs, ten songs each, split between RAWK (disc 1) and MELLOW (disc 2). (Those are my descriptions, not anything actually written on the discs themselves.) It’s beginning to echo in here, but I’ve never been a huge Foo Fighters fanÁ¢€”first, there was the gross Nirvana aftertaste to get rid of, and then there was a series of albums that all seemed to contain some killer tunes mixed in with a lot of filler. “Next Year” and “Learn to Fly”? Yes, please. But if I never have to hear “Everlong” again, I’ll be very happy. Anyway, the RAWK stuff rawks, and the MELLOW stuff is exceedingly pleasing to the ear. Not a turkey in the bunch.

Two thumbs up for both of these, which makes, I guess, four thumbs up:although the Foo Fighters thing is a double album, so maybe that means five thumbs:ach. I suck at math.

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