Follow the bouncing ball, kids!

From Malchus comes word that Crowded House is streaming a track from its forthcoming album, Time on Earth, at its official site. Malchus’ tip led to a conversation about Finn-type things, and the revelation that he’s never listened to the Finn Brothers’ superb Everyone Is Here album. He’s vowed to buy a copy right away, but in the meantime, here’s my favorite song from the album:

Finn Brothers – Won’t Give In

Back to the new Crowded House. Streaming audio is the dry hump of the music world Á¢€” in a conversation with Jason, I once compared it to dating a Mormon Á¢€” but if I’m excited enough to hear the song in question, I can be persuaded. In this case, I’m glad for the opportunity. I had my doubts about this whole Crowded House reunion thing, but they’re gone now.

And speaking of Jason, it’s his birthday! He’s 30 today, which is painfully young for a guy who’s written two posts about the Climax Blues Band in the last month. Hop over to his blog and blow out the candles on his cake. (I paid for it with $5 from Kurt’s wallet.)

Finally, to bring things full circle, I would have posted this earlier today, but I was being interviewed this afternoon Á¢€” along with Malchus Á¢€” for a segment on Py Korry’s public-affairs show. We were talking, of course, about Bloggers for a Cure, and our efforts to raise money for cystic fibrosis research (and give away cool prizes in the process Á¢€” if you haven’t already, click here to see what you can win).

So if you’ve ever wanted to hear my stupid ass on the radio, and you live in the Bay Area, tune in to 101.7 FM Sunday morning (or if you don’t, just click here) at what I think is 6:30 AM PST. An ungodly hour for you West Coasters? Sure, but besides being an enlightening half hour, it’ll be my triumphant return to the airwaves after being forcibly removed from the studios of 103.3 FM (KSCU: “Your Underground Sound”) in February of 1996. The Man can’t keep me down!

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