Pattern is MovementPattern Is Movement have certainly lived up to the Movement part of their name, touring relentlessly since the release of their excellent fourth album, All Together. Seeing them for the third time since October, Pattern Is Movement’s set at Webster Hall last Wednesday was yet another in a line of charged, exciting performances. The duo debuted two new songs that sounded a little more aggressive than the rest of their cannon, though that could very well be because their live sound is beefier overall. Drummer Chris Ward’s rapid-fire drumming must be seen to be believed that there’s not some kind of magician responsible for some of those beats, and singer/keyboardist Andrew Thiboldeaux is both collected and charismatic, their mutual sense of whimsy exemplified in their constantly expressive faces and a flirty cover of D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel?)” (see video below).

Pattern is Movement, “Right Away” (download)

Headliner St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) was surprisingly staid. Having whipped through New York City oozing charm and cutesiness in the past, the first half of her set was underwhelming, the sound a little flat and thin, the band just trudging through. Though she pulled out impressive riff after impressive riff, and heartbreaking vocal after heartbreaking vocal, everything seemed just a little off until the band returned to join her after a brief solo stint for “Oh My God.” Luckily they hit their stride in time for “Marrow,” the most savage song she’s written yet. As she waltzed through “Just the Same But Brand New” and dug out first album favorites “Marry Me, John” and “Your Lips Are Red” for the encore, it was easy to chalk the tepid first half to a case of nerves.

St. Vincent, “Marrow” (download)

Pattern is Movement and St. Vincent have a slew of dates – mostly together – and if you haven’t seen either, you oughta step to this.

For more pictures, see here.

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Pattern is Movement cover D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel?)” Live @ Webster Hall, May 20th

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