Howdy friends,

Got an e-mail this afternoon from Allan, who is desperately seeking a song. I’ll let him give you the details:

I’ve become obsessed with a Leonard Cohen song, “Do I Have To Dance All Night,” which was officially released only on one French vinyl 7′ single, made in Holland in 1976 (CBS 4431). The record was recorded live in a 1976 Paris concert.

This song has never been included on any album, or issued in CD format. A buddy found an MP3 version on the file-sharing networks that is of sub-mediocre quality. I found another MP3 of the song on one of the Cohen web sites, but it is an floor recording of him playing informally and is also of poor quality.

I managed to buy one of the vinyl singles but, again, the sound quality, even after I ran it through software to remove clicks and hiss, is horrid. Besides the 1976 recording, there is thought to be at least one studio version that Cohen wanted to release in an album, but for whatever reason the record company decided not to do so. I’ve also seen this song listed on bootleg collection and have tried to purchase these without success.

My Cohen collection is limited to The Essential Leonard Cohen, and I’m not sure where I’d start looking for this (though I’m not opposed to doing a certain amount of legwork). So I thought I’d ask you guys first.

So, whaddya say?

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