Phagz on 45

Our new(ish) weekly feature on Popdose rolls on, as John C. Hughes and the world’s foremost Belinda Carlisle impersonator, a.k.a. his buddy Matty (or “Bearlinda,” if you prefer), knock back even more drinks and review some singles, homo style. This week your rainbeaux duo take a listen to songs by Phil Oakey, Skinjobs, Sparks, and the irrepressible Charo while discussing singles-bar muskrats eatin’ others’ scraps and Jughead’s sexuality. Enjoy, and as always, MP3s of the songs are below so you can follow along at home.

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Alex Gold feat. Phil Oakey — “LA Today” (download)

Skinjobs — “Peepshow Love” (download)

Charo — “Love Will Keep Us Together” (download) / YouTube video (a must-see!)

Sparks — “I Like Girls” (download)

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