And here is where we pause to recognize the Bee Gees, who Á¢€” among many other achievements Á¢€” coined the word “womanifestation,” in 1991’s “Human Sacrifice” (download). Who cares about disco when you’re blazing linguistic trails? They were like three falsetto-lovin’ Noam Chomskys, these Brothers Gibb.

Just amazing.

And while we’re paying tribute, now’s as good a time as any to let you know about some of the artists we’ll be “honoring” in the days and weeks to come: Expect Idiot’s Guides on Rick Springfield, John Hiatt, Joe Henry, Lloyd Cole, and Robyn Hitchcock; Pocket Guides to The Hooters and Night Ranger; Cutouts Gone Wild! entries on Walter “Wolfman” Washington, Great Buildings, Taylor Dayne, and Desmond Child; and Cassingle Vaults on Nelson and Tara Kemp.

Also, during March, I’ll be posting a brief review of a different Van Morrison album every weekday.

Down the road a bit (but just a bit), expect to see a new collaborative series, Point/Counterpoint, in which yours truly and Billy K. will take a look at a classic album and why it’s great/why it sucks something awful. There are also some other cross-blogging things in the works, but some of them aren’t my beans to spill, and some are too far off to discuss.

Anyway, yeah:”womanifestation.” Next time you use the word, remember to thank the Bee Gees.

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