Quite the election season, wasn’t it? The outcome certainly didn’t resolve, or even bring much clarity to, the policy disputes that divide us; despite the Republicans’ harping about “clear messages” and “listening to the people,” the overriding theme of this election seems less ideological than that. Indeed, the true message imparted by the disappointingly small segment of the electorate that actually voted seems to be, “We’re gonna keep re-shuffling the deck until we get a hand that we like.”

I have to say, I’m in no mood to espouse my own theories about this election off the top of my head. There’s so infernally much punditry bouncing around right now, and I don’t want to wind up parroting some idiotic thing that Lawrence O’Donnell said recently. (How has this guy become the new MSNBC star? He can’t even read off a teleprompter, a task which is supposed to come naturally to every good Democrat!) Besides, Jon Stewart has told me I’m part of the “conflictinator” apparatus, and since I’m prone to believe every single thing the man says, I’m feeling rather chastened right now — much more so from him than from the election results.

Therefore, I’m leaving it to you, Popdose’s current-affairs constituency. What are your thoughts on the election? Where do we go from here? Will (and should) the watchword of the next two years be “compromise,” or “obstruction,” now that the GOP bears some actual responsibility for the state of the nation? Let’s have it out in the comments section, and if we arrive at anything intelligent maybe we’ll get some free passes to John Boehner’s tanning salon.