Charlie Daniels Band – The Devil Went Down to Georgia

My apologies in advance for taking occasional license with the meter…

Johnny Mac went down to Georgia, he was lookin’ for an election to steal
Yelled at a cloud and those doggone Russkies, tried to bring ’em both to heel
His opponent was nothin’ but a raw celeb — not even prez yet, but actin’ like he was
Johnny said, “I’ll show my fur’n policy credentials by takin’ up the cause”

He figured, “Those Democrats are pansies — ’bout as threatening as my mom”
So Johnny told the Russkies, “You’d better step off — don’t forget, we’ve got the bomb!
Ol’ George W. Bush might be lookin’ to talk (Not an option on Cheney’s list)
But my advisor wants war, and he should know — he’s Georgia’s registered lobbyist!”

But Vladimir Putin said, “You and what army’s gonna kick us off this land?
Your forces are a crock – they’re stuck in Iraq! It’s a quagmire, like Vietnam!”

Johnny take your blood pressre pills, turn up the rhetorical heat
’Cause hell’s broke loose in Georgia and Republicans hate retreat
Forget about diplomacy, negotiatin’s what Obama would do
Screw Britney Spears and the Europeans too!

Bush made too many promises — told the Georgians, “We’ve got your back”
So when South Ossetia tried to secede Saakashvili screamed, “Attack!”
But the Russian bear said, “Don’t you dare — we’ll bomb you out of all proportion
And that help you’re expecting from Bush/McCain? Might as well ask for an abortion!”

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Johnny saw what the Russians were doin’ and said, “Boys, lemme tell you what
I’m gonna rattle my sabers and make enough noise to stir the electorate!”

He said, “I’m a seasoned vet, Obama’s just a boy
His Hilton is Paris, mine’s in old Hanoi
Bush ain’t my daddy, but Lieberman’s my whore
If Putin don’t back down, I’ll start another Cold War!”

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(Check out specifically from the 2:55 mark)

We turned from the Olympics just to laugh in Johnny’s face
“If you want to beat Obama, son, you’d better stick with Race!
After the last eight years, if you think that tired warmongering’s gonna work again
Well, I’ll tell you what, you old son of a Bush, you’re the dumbest that’s ever been!”

So fire your advisors, forget about the polls
Your domestic policy is still full of holes
Your Britney-Paris ad campaign, it may be a hoot
But we’d rather vote for them than elect an old coot

George Bush awarded Charlie Daniels the Medal of Freedom in December 2004 for his lifetime of valuable contributions to right-wing jack-assery. He awarded Ted Nugent the same medal on the same day. (Seriously.) Two days earlier Bush had given identical medals to Tommy Franks, George Tenet and Paul Bremer for their boffo work in planning, cooking the intelligence for, and executing the Iraq occupation.