Lisa Simon, age 37, still loves loud punk rock and hates Dave Matthews with an all-consuming passion. April 15, 2001 should have been just another Sunday night. But a news headline landing in Lisa’s email inbox changes everything: ”Joey Ramone is dead.”

Back then, we had no Internet, no social media, no cellphones to call friends from in front of the stage. Bands built an audience brick by brick, fan by fan. You really felt part of a secret society. Caryn Rose perfectly captures those days.” — Paste Magazine

Win a copy of B-Sides and Broken Hearts, the debut novel from author Caryn Rose. Popdose readers will undoubtedly be interested in the book Largehearted Boy called “a rare book, one that incorporates music seamlessly into its core ” and Jewcy named “a rock and roll Frankenstein, brought to life with equal parts fanzine, road tale, and love story.” If you love the Ramones and hate Dave Matthews you will love this book (Hell, even if you love Dave Matthews, you will love this book). Popdose has three paperback copies of the book to give away to readers* who can answer the following question:

What was Joey Ramone’s real name?

To enter, send an e-mail to Dave Lifton with the subject, “B-Sides & Broken Hearts Contest.”

B-sides and Broken Hearts is available in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, and Powell’s Books. More information is available at

*Readers outside of the U.S. are welcome to answer but if chosen will receive an e-book in their format of choice.

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