If you’re a regular reader of Popdose…and, frankly, if you’re not, you really should be…then you probably caught our look into Rob Lowe’s recently-published autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, which went a little something like this:

Lowe’s familiarity with hormonal response is well documented within Stories, starting with a French kiss at the age of 10 while waiting to perform his part in a stage production of The Wizard of Oz. Although he doesn’t necessarily offer a lot of specifics when discussing his various dalliances over the years, he isn’t afraid to drop the names of his conquests…or their parents. There’s a particularly funny moment when, as he’s walking away from a table where Gregory Peck, Robert Wagner, Cary Grant and Prince Rainier of Monaco are sitting, Lowe hears Wagner say, ”Ya know, guys, I think that kid’s banged every one of our daughters.”

Great stuff, sure, but here’s the big question: have you bought a copy yet? Okay, we know people get busy, so we’ll forgive you if you haven’t yet had a chance to run out to your friendly neighborhood bookseller and pick up a copy, but in this case, your procrastination has paid off for you, as our partners at Kirkus Reviews are giving away 10 signed copies of Lowe’s autobiography.

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