So, are there any Southland fans still reading Popdose? Excellent! This giveaway is especially for you. A lucky reader will win the brand-new, uncensored Season One set courtesy of Warner Home Video, but we’re not going to just give it away (you knew there was a catch!)

We all know Southland Season 2 is now a part of TNT’s roster after the show was dumped by NBC to make space for The Jay Leno Show. Apparently, in between that and Leno’s return to The Tonight Show, there was some sort of controversy, some late-night melee I wasn’t aware of. I’m confident our readers are much more up-to-date and, therefore, our little quiz will be a piece of cake. The first reader to answer all five questions correctly via e-mail wins the prize.

Do a little dance, make a little love, get down… NOW!

1) What was Tom Hanks’ nickname for Conan O’Brien?

2) What did Leno say Jimmy Kimmel did to him when he was a guest on The Jay
Leno Show

3) Leno went on this talk show to mount his defense. Whose show was it?

4) Who won the Ford Green Car Challenge?

5) The final segment of Conan’s Tonight Show featured Will Ferrell performing what classic rock anthem?

Send your answers in and take note, the winning response will be judged not only by correct answers but by the timestamp of your e-mail, so don’t delay.

Disclosure: The winner will be notified by e-mail and asked to provide an address for shipping purposes. Staff and family of Popdose staff are not eligible to enter this contest. The prize has been provided by Warner Home Video and YouCast Corporation solely for the purpose of this giveaway.

UPDATE: We’re pleased to announce Doug Klein was the very first to get the correct answers and wins the DVD set. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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